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Chlamydia Pneumoniae is a pathogen that lives inside cells, can 'hide' dormant for decades,
is finally being publically discussed as a possible very major cause/factor in many diseases,
all the same diseases the antis blame allegedly on tobacco. Jack Jackson of Lindsay, Ontario
has been trying to warn people of it for quite a few years, and suspects that certain 'officials'
have well known it's pathogenic capabilities ever since it was identified over 20 years ago.
He suspects certain 'officials' have deliberately assisted it's dissemination around the world.
- Common foods we bake, roast, and fry, contain an alleged carcinogen. Butt, apparently so also
do breakfast cereals, hamburger, minced chicken, potato chips, french fries, pizza, fried fish,
bread, crackers, powdered chocolate, and coffee.
- 20 Per Cent of all the food we eat today contains Banned Pesticides
We each consume 60-70 hits daily of toxic chemicals such as DDT, dieldrin and dioxin, according
to the study published in October of the U.S. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
- Toronto's Police Drug Squad is battling another war, a war of lawsuits against them
by former drug suspects claiming members of the squad perpetrated wrongful arrests,
severe unprovoked beatings, warrant-less searches, and millions in stolen and damaged property.
Is this what smokers can expect when Tobacco is Criminalized ?What of the rest of society ?
Are we 'back to the future' a.k.a. nazi germany ? Sure looks like the 'pig' thing to me.
If it looks like a pig, smells like a pig, snorts like a pig, and eats like a pig, chances are - it is a pig.
- Owen Sound Sun Times online Poll
'Should Seniors have a smoking area indoors at seniors' homes ?' 76 % so far vote YES.
- A growing number of schools across Canada are administering urine tests to students
to find out if they are using - not marijuana, not crack, not cocaine, not ecstasy - TOBACCO
Very soon 'they' will also start testing for Hostess Twinkies.
- Oct 10/02 - A 57 year old 40-year smoky bar & restaurant waitress, Heather Crowe, has taken
Workers Compensation Board to court, and won. The Ottawa Court ordered WCB to pay up
for the waitress allegedly contracting Lung Cancer from Work Related Causes. Her lawyer,
Phil Hunt, says that it was the Workplace Safety and Insurance group that declared
2 doctors have certified Crowe got her Lung Cancer from SHS. This is Truly a Miracle !
These 2 doctors have finally done what 1,000s of other doctors and scientists over 60 years
and Billions of Research Dollars have failed so far to do. They say they've proved SHS kills.
Never mind that far more than 2 doctors have said otherwise.
examples - Not 1 Illness nor Death and, No Links Proven to SHS
Never mind that the Court which ordered WCB to pay up did Not say SHS was the Sole Cause.
Never mind that the Court said she had Lung Cancer from Many Work Related Factors,
& Never Mind that the Court said SHS May have been A Contributing Factor - NOT Sole Cause.
The Anti-Smokers are claiming that Ms Crowe's compensation is Solely for SHS.
The Antis know this, which means they are Knowingly Perpetrating Fraud on the Public.
They are disseminating False Information which will result in more funding to them,
and that is a very serious crime, and like ENRON, they should go to jail for it.
Also, explain, pray tell, why the WCB of British Columbia was so Gun-Ho a couple of years ago
to have SHS declared a killer, and then backed off. Would it be because they realized that
setting such a precedent would result in millions of Compensation Awards amounting to
Billions and Billions and Billions of Dollars in Payouts, and thus bankrupt not only their
organization, but also the entire Economy ??? Is that why WCB fought this Waitress ?
The Campaign to have Smoking in your own Home made illegal has gotten a huge boost.
Smokes could soon be $ 200 a puff. We'll still be allowed to buy 'em, - just not smoke 'em.
Ms Crowe will be the focus of a new barrage of Anti-Smoking Ads, and a Clarion-Call
for society to make Tobacco illegal. After that, will come Campaigns to Ban comfort food,
ban barbeques, ban beer, ban pizza, ban cars, ban airplanes, ban breast feeding.
So, WHO thinks to gain from this court decision ? Most definitely the lawyers. The Gov't,
because they can now claim alleged justification for $ 200 in taxes on every single cigarette.
The insurance companies because they can now claim alleged justification for skyhigh rates.
Psychiatrists and Drug Therapy 'Experts', their Clinics, & a host of others desperate for money.
Organized Crime and Thugs will Love hi-tax and illegal smokes.
The Anti-Smokers, who are the ones who preyed on Heather Crowe during her most vulnerable time-period thru her understandable fears and anger of death by Lung Cancer, to file her Claim and helped her take it to court, will love the extra money they'll soon be able to get their slippery hands on, seeing as they cannot account for 98 % of what they spent of what they got last year.
And of course, Heather Crowe, and her descendants.
I feel for Ms Crowe, I really do.
Lung Cancer is very scary. You'll very likely die from it. And if not it, you'll die from something
one day anyways - everyone does.
What have you got to lose?
If it were me, I'd want to find some way, any means, to get my hands on lots of money.
Not just for me, butt, for my family, my kids. I'd feel like -
well, what does the truth matter anymore anyways ?
- The story persisted for decades, and denied every time it was printed, butt, the truth is official,
recently released that the U.S. conducted wide-spread experimentation on public populace
in the U.S., Canada, and Britain, -- think agent orange - invented in Canada --
to test the effectiveness of chemical and biological weapons and develop counter-defenses.
Well well, eh, methinks perhaps this might explain many unexplainable illnesses and deaths ?
- A group of Canadian Scientific Experts, advisory committee to Health Canada, recently
recommended, urged, immediate cessation of widespread antibiotic use on farms
in order to curb the development of SuperBugs crossing over in to human population.
Well, DUH, we knew that over 30 years ago !!! -- I personally remember 1st outcry in 1973.
The horses, pigs, and chickens, are out of the barn, guys, and stampeding us humans dead.
Butt, this report does serve a good purpose anyways. It reveals the caliber of Experts currently
advising Health Canada which bases it's agendae on. DUH Science.
- Auditor-General of Canada releases Report rating the Federal Gov't an F in handling
the affairs and finances of the country. It singled out Health Canada too, saying the current,
like previous Ministers of Health, is abdicating her responsibilities of Health Care, and Health
Canada incapable of tracking disease patterns and enabling treatment & prevention programs,
thus costing at least $ 50 billion in un-necessary illnesses and premature deaths.
So, Health Canada, responsible for the draconian Anti-Smoking Campaign, gets an F for Failure,
so, why should we believe anything from the Failure behind the Anti-Smoking Campaign.
- In the early to mid 90's, the last time the taxes on tobacco were 'legally' skyjacked, there was an
explosion of tobacco related organized and unorganized crimes committed.
This time the antis said there would Not be any. We said there would, and we are right, - again.
Thieves did Lumsden Brothers Warehouse in Burlington this week and made off with
$ 35,000 worth of cigarettes. Bet your taxes this is just tip of a very big iceberg already.
Anybody know where these smokes are selling ? - I want some, thanks.
- Seniors, some 80 + in years, and World War Vets, who've been smoking for more than 50 years
have been ordered to butt out in a privately owned retirement residence in Owen Sound, which
enacted a tough anti-smoking bylaw Sept 1st., and the manager has been charged
with 6 violations so far, citing 3 cases of smoking, and 3 cases of smoking paraphernalia.
Those who won't butt out, will be turfed out in to the snow this winter to have their puffs.
After a long life building and defending Canada, why is this to be the way they will end.
What kind of people are capable of doing this to our Senior Citizens ?
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