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"The Nazi War on Cancer"

Following is an excerpt from "The Nazi War on Cancer" by Robert Proctor, Professor of the History of Science at Pennsylvania State University (pp198-199):

"Armed with the requisite scientific expertise and political power, Nazi authorities moved to limit smoking through a combination of propaganda, public relations, and official decrees. The Ministry of Science and Education ordered elementary schools to discuss the dangers of tobacco, and the Reich Health Office - on maternal health or vaccination, for example were declared "smoke-free", and the Reich stand der Duetschen Handwerks, the now -Nazified craft-guild, advised its members against smoking while at work.
A Bureau against the hazards of Alcohol and Tobacco was established in June 1939. Fifteen thousand people attended a March 5-7, 1939 congress in Frankfurt on the hazards of tobacco and alcohol, at which Reich Health Office president Hans Reiter and other Nazi luminaries -including Leonardo Conti, Robert Ley, and Ferdinand Sauerbruch standing in for Gerhard Wagner - attacked both vices as reproductive poisons and drains on the German economy."

This book may be worth buying...
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