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Zero-tolerance is the goal for all things antis don't like. Anti-smoking was just the beginning of anti-everything. That is not democracy.
Stephen Hartwell

The citizens of Alamogordo, New Mexico narrowly voted down Ordinance 1156 which would have banned smoking in public places.

Allegations that a high school teacher made a 13-year-old boy eat a cigarette after he was caught smoking are being investigated by the Ontario Provincial Police and the local school board.

A California judge dismissed a class-action lawsuit filed against major U.S. cigarette manufacturers… "This is a common-sense decision recognizing that our advertising is lawful and protected by the First Amendment," Daniel Donahue, deputy general counsel at R.J. Reynolds

"After the bell, RJR (RJR) announced that it has been held not liable in the case of retired flight attendant Suzette Janoff, who attempted to pin the blame for her chronic sinusitis and other ailments on occupational exposure to secondhand smoke."
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