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Anti-Smoking Atrocities

In Boston a woman was fired on day one because the boss suspected she might have smoked on her break outside. EEOC said discrimination against smokers wasn't discrimination.

In a case involving employees right to smoke on their own time, a high court in Florida ruled that a smoker can have "no legitimate expectation of the right to privacy."

Employees must sign an oath, not only that they do not presently smoke but have not smoked in the previous 12 months in order to be employed by the city of North Miami.

Employees hired by CNN must sign an oath that they do not smoke and will not smoke at all (at home, on vacation, etc.) while they work for Ted Turner.

The same at Lockheed at its various plants. where "anyone found by a fellow worker to be smoking in a bar, restaurant or elsewhere could be fired."

A worker in Indiana was fired after nicotine was found in her urine.

In MD a disgruntled clerk reported the president of a university for smoking in her own private bathroom in her own private office, resulting in an OSHA fine of $1300.

In Canada a reformed smoker attacked his wife of 30 years, with a 12 in kitchen knife, repeatedly stabbing her in the neck after finding out that she had broken her promise to give up smoking. He continued the assault as she tried to fight him off.

In Texas a high school student who went searching for her cat in her own yard was stopped by a police officer who said he saw her smoking. He told her to empty her pockets, which she did. Finding nothing, he got down on his hands and knees, and he dug around on the grass with a flashlight. Still finding nothing he told the girl she was a minor in possession of tobacco and gave her a ticket.

Police say she broke a law - even though they never found any evidence. In court the girl and her outraged family were told no evidence was needed. The judge found Lisa guilty of possessing tobacco. The officer’s testimony was enough evidence.

In Wisconsin a girl committed suicide after being caught with tobacco in her backpack at school.

These cases represent only the tip of the iceberg. Even more disheartening and frightening is that the list allotted to tobacco is only the beginning. Now that the same nazi tactics are spreading into other areas -- firearms, obesity and foods so far with more to come -- individual liberty, freedom of choice and democratic principles in general are being eroded at an alarming rate.

Unless the general public wakes up to the fact that what is going on is not a matter of principles, of public health or safety but power, control and big money and puts a stop to it America as we know it will be a thing of the past.

Government in collusion with big corporations and greedy lawyers will have killed it.
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