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more on addiction

those who accept the derogatory term "addict" must also
accept the even worse term "junkie." Now tell me how someone who
accepts that designation will ever get respect or how that person can
ever demand the same "rights" others expect and deserve. Junkies are
second-class citizens and can be vilified at will.

No, calling me an addict is an insult and one that will be met with
extreme anger. The following story shows what can happen to those who
willingly accept vilification (I know, I know..."It can't happen

>>The City Without Drugs center in Yekaterinburg chains its patients
to beds and whips them senseless with belts – delivering 300 or so
lashes per session. "On the first day we beat them with belts until
their buttocks turn blue," boasted a founder of the treatment
center. "Every week we have to buy a new belt because they go too
soft, but we have been impressed with the quality of Gucci belts."

"Drug addicts are animals who have lost all sense of values," he went
on to say. "This way, the next time they think about getting a fix
they remember the pain of the thrashing rather than the rush of the
drugs. It's very effective. You cannot solve this with mild manners –
you need tough measures." <<<

If even our own accept this manufactured "victimhood," how on earth
will we ever be able to overcome the general public's perception of
us as not worthy of freedom to make our own choices?

This makes me very sad.

A very depressed Spinn
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